Can Low Voltage Damage Home Appliances?


You may think that only high voltage may damage home appliances. But did you know that even low voltage can also damage your appliances? Low voltage can result when there is a high demand for electricity. When there is high demand and appliances are using electricity, the amount of voltage can slightly decrease to compensate for the demand.

It is true; low voltage has the ability to damage home appliances by causing wear and tear of the appliances.

What Is Low Voltage?

An unexpected dip on the electrical circuit that may be caused by conductor impedance, switch malfunction, or branch wiring is what is referred to as low voltage.

If you do not handle the issue of low voltage in proper time, appliances may heat, resulting to fire. The components of the appliances may also meltdown, making them malfunction.

Preventing Low Voltage At Home

Low voltage can happen without notice at your home. It is important to know how you can prevent or deal with the situation when it occurs.

Use Reliable Power Network

If the main power network is of low voltage, it will not matter whether your house has a great electrical system. Involve your distribution system operator to make sure your home has enough power supply.

Know What voltage fluctuations mean

Even with the right voltage, you may experience voltage fluctuations in your house, which manifests itself through flickering bulbs. This is not a major concern that you should worry about since your power distributor may have put some safety measures in place.

Preventing Home Appliances Against Low Voltage Damage

Use appliances that meet the standards

Quality appliances that meet standards can work properly even at times of voltage fluctuations. Make sure your appliance is able to deal with the voltage fluctuations any time it occurs. To confirm whether your appliance or electronic device meets the standards, check whether it has the CE marking. Some appliances without the marking may not be able to withstand the voltage surge and drop brought about by instances like lightning.

Install a power surge protector

In case of a voltage surge, a power surge protector could play a crucial role in protecting your appliances. Power surge protectors improve the electrical system in your home and protect it from damages due to voltage spikes and fluctuations.

Make sure your electrical system is regularly inspected

Being responsible for every electrical appliance in your home, it is important to ensure your electrical system is in its optimum condition. Involve a qualified professional to inspect your home and advice on how you can maintain a working electrical system.

Low Voltage Effects

In the modern world, low voltage is not a big issue and most appliances are equipped with electric motors that sense the rising temperatures in the appliances when they overheat and automatically shuts down.

volt meter

Older electric home appliances only used motors that easily get overheat and may cause a fire.


Low voltage can also damage home appliances, just like high voltage. Therefore, it is important to understand how you can prevent low voltage at your home and avoid damages to your appliances.

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Future Refrigerator Technology


Even with the current upgrades in refrigerator technologies, this does not seem the end of newer inventions and more modernized in the coming future. Future fridges will be more radically different compared to the ones in the present day. They will be smarter and even play a more significant role in our lives. What will refrigerators look like in the future?

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is probably the leading technology for any next-generation refrigerator innovations. Smart fridges are currently not in use in every household today because they are expensive. The future is, however, promising. Smart technology fridges will be more common than they are today.

Currently, there are already smart refrigerators that are connected to devices. They allow you to interact with the refrigerator from your phone/tablet from a remote location.

Next-generation fridges will have greater control as compared to the ones being produced today. It means there will be better ways to manage food in the refrigerator. These IoT powered fridges have features that allow you to communicate with the device.

How about inbuilt cameras in the refrigerators? It is another enhancement that is about to see its way in the future. These cameras take pictures of the contents of the refrigerator, which comes in handy while grocery shopping. The refrigerators will have screens on the outside that will enable you to order food and groceries straightway. 

AI-Powered Refrigerators

AI technology is also a massive gamechanger for future refrigerators. These devices will be integrated with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning for higher efficiency.

The technology identifies the current content in the refrigerators and then makes a food recipe based on these contents. You do not have to know a food recipe before preparing it. The technology guides you through the process.

Technologies that Make Food Last Longer

While creating such technology may take quite some time, better food preservation is core in the refrigerator advancements. Including different temperature locations in the fridge will allow the food to be stored longer together with dedicated places to store specific foods.

IoT will also be of great use in this aspect. Incorporating inbuilt sensors and cameras and a specified technology to tell you how long the food has been in the refrigerator.

Higher Functionality

The next-generation refrigerators will perform more tasks efficiently than the ones we use today. Improving functionality is not only focused on reshaping how the fridge looks.

Upcoming technologies will make the refrigerator act more like a robot or even look like one.

Energy Efficiency Technologies

Future technologies fridges have a possibility of reducing the current energy consumption by nearly 50%. The leading technologies that enable lower energy use are; variable compressor speed, cooling, and insulation systems.


Refrigerators are commonly the most used appliance in a modern house. Owing to its primary use for food preservation and storage, however, they are prone to damages and require frequent servicing and repairs. If your refrigerator is having any problem, Irving Refrigerator Repair offers the best services.

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Luxury Washing Machine

Avoiding dirty laundry is impossible. However, a reliable washing machine is a huge lifesaver. In recent years there has been an enormous evolution and upgrade in the washing machine designs. Finding a high-end device that suits you could be overwhelming with so many brands making luxury machines in the market.

High-end washing machines have more outstanding features and higher functionalities compared to traditional washers. Here are essential components to look out for when choosing a luxury washing machine to guarantee satisfaction and reliability.

Smart Technology

Smart technology has seen its way in most high-end washing machines.

Luxury washers come with high-end app connectivity allowing you to sync your washing machine with your phone using WIFI. Integrating washers with google’s Alexa or Google Assistant is also a massive turnover for washing machines. This feature enables you to operate the washer remotely as you perform any other task.

Multiple Wash Cycles

Luxury washing machines have different wash cycles to choose from depending on the clothes you intend to wash. Some wash processes included in luxury washing machines include; hand wash cycle, starch cycle, activewear cycle, among many others.

Energy-Efficient Washers

Luxurious washers are now being integrated with a feature that ways your loa and tells you how many kilograms you have loaded. It allows you to maximize the efficiency n every wash cycle. Different brands make higher capacity washers, thus enabling you to save on energy and reduce water consumption.

Twin Load Washers

A couple of brands have added a fantastic feature in their washers, the twin-load. Two washing units allow you to save on time that would be used in loading many times. Additionally, you can load dirty muddy clothes and delicate ones at the same time.

Automatic Dosing

High-end washers are coming with this unique feature. The machine automatically dispenses the amount of detergent for your wash. The unique feature enables you to save on your detergent consumption. Some luxury washers also have a consumption forecast so that you know how much energy water or detergent is needed before a cycle begins.

Special Drums

Some luxury machines come with specially designed drums. The drums move the laundry items evenly during the cycle. High-end washers have steel tubs; thus, they can withstand higher speed spins.

Steam Refresh

Various models also include a steam refresh option in current washing machines. It is a wash cycle that removes odors and creases and freshens up clothes.

It can be used in the last step of washing to remove particles and any allergens that may irritate people with sensitive skin.

Digital Display

Some high-tech washers have LED screens, which enable you to choose cycles, preset temperatures, or any other settings by just touching a button.


While people fancy luxurious washing machines, it is necessary to note other features such as size, capacity, warranty, and choose between top or front load designs. Devices do not come with all these high tech features. You should, therefore, choose one that suits you appropriately and matches your luxury needs.

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Smart Kitchen Technology

morden kitchen

A kitchen is the center of attention for every home. With every passing day, technology keeps on smarter and very interesting. The most basic appliances that we use daily have become more revolutionized. 

The high tech kitchen technology makes cooking and all the kitchen related relatively more straightforward. Technology has brought about exciting possibilities in the current world. For instance, you could talk to your appliances, and it is not weird at all. Here are the coolest smart kitchen technology appliances to incorporate in your kitchen.

Smart Coffee Makers

We all crave a perfect cup of coffee in the morning before heading to work or starting your usual activities. However, getting out of bed to make a coffee seems hard at times.  Advancements in technology have made this more uncomplicated for us. There are a variety of smart coffee makers from different brands. They range from WiFi-enabled coffee makers that can be controlled using your smartphone from the comfort of your bed to voice-enabled coffee makers integrated with Alexa. 

High-Speed 2-Slice Smart Toaster

This high technology appliance allows you to choose the toastiness you would like for your; bread, waffles, or bagels. The smart toaster has a touch screen enabled pad to set your hating preferences. Additionally, intelligent toasters have inbuilt cooking sensors for perfect toasting. An example is R180 smart toaster.

Smart WiFi Pressure Cooker

A small kitchen appliance to improve your cooking experience. This pressure cooker is Alexa enabled and comes with an app and the WiFi feature. It allows you to cook, schedule, and even monitor your meals’ progress from any location. You do not have to keep stirring your meals while cooking. Besides being a pressure cooker, it is a Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt, and Cake Maker, Steamer, and Warmer all in one.

Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale that connects to your phone and gives your step-by-step cooking recipes. The plate measures your ingredients and tells you when to add them and which ingredients to put at the top. The Drop app has close to 300 recipes converted to weight measures.

Cues Smart Induction Burner and Frying Pan

The pan is embedded with sensors on both the pan and the cooktop. The sensors connect to the Recipe app and guides through the video cooking recipes. The smart induction cookware adjusts the temperatures automatically to ensure food is cooked correctly.  The burner, frying pan, and the recipe app communicate using Bluetooth technology and incorporated temperature sensors.

Smart Ovens

Connected ovens are becoming a big kitchen trend. These ovens are integrated with features to bake, broil, reheat, and perform many other food preparation functionalities. Among the best smart ovens is the Brava Oven. The stove has in-built cameras to watch your food as it cooks from your smartphone. Oven smart technologies have also added the Alexa voice feature to communicate with your oven.


Connected technology is now being used in almost all kitchen equipment and is changing lives a great deal. With many smart technology kitchen appliances at your disposal, you need to look for one that will work best for you and enjoy your kitchen experience.

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