Smart Kitchen Technology

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A kitchen is the center of attention for every home. With every passing day, technology keeps on smarter and very interesting. The most basic appliances that we use daily have become more revolutionized. 

The high tech kitchen technology makes cooking and all the kitchen related relatively more straightforward. Technology has brought about exciting possibilities in the current world. For instance, you could talk to your appliances, and it is not weird at all. Here are the coolest smart kitchen technology appliances to incorporate in your kitchen.

Smart Coffee Makers

We all crave a perfect cup of coffee in the morning before heading to work or starting your usual activities. However, getting out of bed to make a coffee seems hard at times.  Advancements in technology have made this more uncomplicated for us. There are a variety of smart coffee makers from different brands. They range from WiFi-enabled coffee makers that can be controlled using your smartphone from the comfort of your bed to voice-enabled coffee makers integrated with Alexa. 

High-Speed 2-Slice Smart Toaster

This high technology appliance allows you to choose the toastiness you would like for your; bread, waffles, or bagels. The smart toaster has a touch screen enabled pad to set your hating preferences. Additionally, intelligent toasters have inbuilt cooking sensors for perfect toasting. An example is R180 smart toaster.

Smart WiFi Pressure Cooker

A small kitchen appliance to improve your cooking experience. This pressure cooker is Alexa enabled and comes with an app and the WiFi feature. It allows you to cook, schedule, and even monitor your meals’ progress from any location. You do not have to keep stirring your meals while cooking. Besides being a pressure cooker, it is a Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt, and Cake Maker, Steamer, and Warmer all in one.

Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale that connects to your phone and gives your step-by-step cooking recipes. The plate measures your ingredients and tells you when to add them and which ingredients to put at the top. The Drop app has close to 300 recipes converted to weight measures.

Cues Smart Induction Burner and Frying Pan

The pan is embedded with sensors on both the pan and the cooktop. The sensors connect to the Recipe app and guides through the video cooking recipes. The smart induction cookware adjusts the temperatures automatically to ensure food is cooked correctly.  The burner, frying pan, and the recipe app communicate using Bluetooth technology and incorporated temperature sensors.

Smart Ovens

Connected ovens are becoming a big kitchen trend. These ovens are integrated with features to bake, broil, reheat, and perform many other food preparation functionalities. Among the best smart ovens is the Brava Oven. The stove has in-built cameras to watch your food as it cooks from your smartphone. Oven smart technologies have also added the Alexa voice feature to communicate with your oven.


Connected technology is now being used in almost all kitchen equipment and is changing lives a great deal. With many smart technology kitchen appliances at your disposal, you need to look for one that will work best for you and enjoy your kitchen experience.

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