Can Low Voltage Damage Home Appliances?


You may think that only high voltage may damage home appliances. But did you know that even low voltage can also damage your appliances? Low voltage can result when there is a high demand for electricity. When there is high demand and appliances are using electricity, the amount of voltage can slightly decrease to compensate for the demand.

It is true; low voltage has the ability to damage home appliances by causing wear and tear of the appliances.

What Is Low Voltage?

An unexpected dip on the electrical circuit that may be caused by conductor impedance, switch malfunction, or branch wiring is what is referred to as low voltage.

If you do not handle the issue of low voltage in proper time, appliances may heat, resulting to fire. The components of the appliances may also meltdown, making them malfunction.

Preventing Low Voltage At Home

Low voltage can happen without notice at your home. It is important to know how you can prevent or deal with the situation when it occurs.

Use Reliable Power Network

If the main power network is of low voltage, it will not matter whether your house has a great electrical system. Involve your distribution system operator to make sure your home has enough power supply.

Know What voltage fluctuations mean

Even with the right voltage, you may experience voltage fluctuations in your house, which manifests itself through flickering bulbs. This is not a major concern that you should worry about since your power distributor may have put some safety measures in place.

Preventing Home Appliances Against Low Voltage Damage

Use appliances that meet the standards

Quality appliances that meet standards can work properly even at times of voltage fluctuations. Make sure your appliance is able to deal with the voltage fluctuations any time it occurs. To confirm whether your appliance or electronic device meets the standards, check whether it has the CE marking. Some appliances without the marking may not be able to withstand the voltage surge and drop brought about by instances like lightning.

Install a power surge protector

In case of a voltage surge, a power surge protector could play a crucial role in protecting your appliances. Power surge protectors improve the electrical system in your home and protect it from damages due to voltage spikes and fluctuations.

Make sure your electrical system is regularly inspected

Being responsible for every electrical appliance in your home, it is important to ensure your electrical system is in its optimum condition. Involve a qualified professional to inspect your home and advice on how you can maintain a working electrical system.

Low Voltage Effects

In the modern world, low voltage is not a big issue and most appliances are equipped with electric motors that sense the rising temperatures in the appliances when they overheat and automatically shuts down.

volt meter

Older electric home appliances only used motors that easily get overheat and may cause a fire.


Low voltage can also damage home appliances, just like high voltage. Therefore, it is important to understand how you can prevent low voltage at your home and avoid damages to your appliances.

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